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  The text chapter 5 the next level

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PostSubject: The text chapter 5 the next level    Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:45 am

buy shoes supra "Do not have much time?" Party cold is heard transport ourselves to eight party, the world outside, incredibly such wonderful. "Yes, I had the FangQing snow a record purple Yin ray knife, the whole body electricity cut off, most can only live life a little while. This purple Yin ray knife but electricity from adidas water grip eight big powers, one of the door USES his own mana, gathering all kinds of lightning true fire five lines of nutrients, damage is great." BaiHai meditation breathing a sigh of relief, "just nine opening the elixir is such, let me awake to come over."
supra skytops "Nine opening, to restore the elixir your injury?" Party turned cold turn eyes. "Nine opening is the first one in favor of elixir of the school, I if in no drugs before the injury, taking the drug, it will step into shentong shakotan coast, but now I can't." BaiHai zen shook his head. "Master, please be ACTS son and worship." Party has no hesitate cold worship down, jordan discount shoes this is his own a good chance, do not worship the white not worship.
See party for "cold three head, BaiHai zen after nodded his head. "From now on, you are our stars a door children. The stars, but from door to door and side by side sendoh, as teacher is ten door of a disciple, this time for the teacher occasionally death, get the mountain in nine opening and Jiao v nether world map elixir, go back to bring to the branches, will be really chuan disciple."
"So that's, I get the way is nine opening after taking? Why not elixir that is dedicated to the branches, good after more. It seems like I have the advantage in the future, swallow, don't think about the future of how how, swallowed to their own inside the benefits and is good." Upon party want to. "Since you are the stars of the master door disciple, why not call me put the elixir, treasure map to the stars door to go?" Party cold asked.
"The door to the stars, WanLiTiaoTiao, not from the land territory. You big to get there? Besides, we the stars numerous, everyone door disciple aims to the identity of the disciple, you fear a go, things will be plundered." BaiHai zen way: "so, I let you close to FangQing snow, let you enter the door. Then in soft edges from door survive. Strong, and provided the true through steal out door, dedicated to our door severance stars. So much of the credit, when the church because of read and my hands to supreme mana, will I return to living also said, you are not necessarily credit gaishi!"
buy supra shoes "I am in the advice, but is a little of the horses slavery, can't get big miss appreciated. Party cold licked his lips. nine elixir opening opening your whole body can change the elixir physique, let you the whole body blood earth-shaking changes, bone marrow, refining, make you become LiangCai mei-yu. Others see not to come out, FangQing snow has put the problem to triple yuan Gang uniting all would be able to see you, the bone different." BaiHai zen seems to have thought of a completely safe idea. "Triple, yuan Gang powers focus? What is that?" Party cold and caught some traces of practice. "There are ten heavy body state, step into shentong shakotan coast after, also have ten heavy state! Finally uniting the powers to 10 heavy acme, can reverse life and death, into phoenix shakotan coast in one thousand, not bad, optional change, drop of blood. This time, was born in the dominance is really between heaven and earth, the Allah. Can step into phoenix shakotan coast, only ten branches of palm, and the door to teach some not born, the emperor of the characters, and we are not a levels. We are the worm, and they are smile ao across the Women supra vaiders powers of the roc. Shakotan coast 10 heavy state, I also can't for you in detail, in a word, you are the most important is, as I said to do." BaiHai zen talk, more and more thick, between breath seems to be just consumed much of his physical spirit, feel oneself is dying, he suddenly moves.
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The text chapter 5 the next level
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